The arts are an essential part of the learning process. They enhance creativity, teach lessons in nontraditional ways, and give youth new avenues of expression. Our School Show Series provides a way for students to get out of the classroom and visit this community resource for a shared experience. For some students, it’s their first time in a theater! Shows are presented by national and local groups, relate to a range of topics, and many include curriculum guides.

  • Tickets are available for schools and homeschool groups. These shows are not for public sale
  • Cost: $10 each (Please note: teachers and chaperones must purchase a seat)
  • All shows require a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking
  • Shows available for pre-school – high school.  Please consult the individual show for age guidelines
  • All shows are weekday performances. Most are at two times: 9:15/9:30am & 11:30/11:45am


  • Transportation Grants Available! The Firehouse Center for the Arts is thrilled to provide $200.00 transportation grants to help schools meet the costs of educational field trips to the Firehouse Center for the Arts’ School Show Series.
  • For Transportation Grant Program Guidelines and to request an application, contact Evelyn Kovach directly at [email protected]



Charlotte’s Web

October 9th, 2019

9:30am and 11:30am

Length of show: ~75 minutes

Wilbur, the irresistible young pig who desperately wants to avoid the butcher; Fern, a girl who understands what animals say to each other; Templeton, the gluttonous rat who can occasionally be talked into a good deed; the Zuckerman family; the Arables; and, most of all, the extraordinary spider, Charlotte, who proves to be “a true friend and a good writer.” Determined to save Wilbur, Charlotte begins her campaign with the “miracle” of her web in which she writes, “Some pig.” It’s the beginning of a victorious campaign which ultimately ends with the now-safe Wilbur doing what is most important to Charlotte.

Performed by: Project Sparx

A Christmas Carol Panto!

December 18, 2019

9:30am and 11:30am

Length of show: ~75 minutes

Bah, humbug! Theater in the Open celebrates the holiday season with this Dickens classic, presented in true TITO style. So be prepared for anything to happen!

Performed by: Theater in the Open

Science or Magic?

March 4, 2020

9:30am and 11:30am

Length of show: ~55 minutes

Both science and magic have the ability to amaze and fool. This show teaches students to see the difference between the two, and motivates them to learn more.  Students learn to ask the two most important questions in science, “How?” and “Why”, as they witness amazing things presented right before their eyes.educational outreach – Science or Magic?

Giant smoke rings are created on stage. Beach balls are balanced on streams of air.  A streamer of TP is sent floating out over the crowd. One lucky student will even ride a hovercraft across the floor! Many members of the audience get to participate in creating the wonder. This is not a “sit back and watch” show, this is a “get involved and get up on stage” show.

Grade Levels: Elementary and Middle School

Performed by: A Brit of Magic

Judy Moody & Stink 

April 29, 2020

9:30am and 11:30am

Length of show: ~55 minutes

Judy Moody and her brother Stink have arrived at ArtsPower! In our newest musical, Judy Moody and Stink, this dynamic sister and brother duo take audiences on a hilarious adventure. As usual, Judy is in a mood. After seeing her classmate’s picture on the front page of the newspaper,Judy wants to be famous and sets off to find fame and happiness. All the while, Stink and his foul-smelling sneakers become a real distraction as he vies for the coveted Golden Clothespin Award. Judy Moody and Stink are the perfect pair for their imperfect capers that lead to fun, mystery, sibling rivalry, and, in the end, true friendship.

Grades: K-6

Performed by: Arts Power