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2024 Newburyport Arts & Culture Shanty Program Arts Market

What is this project?

The Newburyport Arts and Culture Shanties Program seeks to provide a vibrant and historically-based centralized forum for local artists and artisans to collectively join together with the common mission of bringing locally made art to the North Shore region and beyond. The goal of the Newburyport Arts & Culture Shanty Program is to help local artists/artisans and cultural organizations increase recognition and sales; act as a community-building forum through a common artistic mission; and increase traffic to local businesses.

By designating a weekend arts market, along with the provision of space to showcase, display, and sell, art, in various shapes and forms, this project aims to foster the growth of an artistically and culturally rich environment that would attract locals and tourists alike, as well as increase profits for artists and local businesses.


Where will this take place?

The ARTS MARKET will remain in place at the Pop Up Park on Merrimac Street

Photo Credit: Keith Viglione/617 Images

Who can participate?

Any artist or artistic organization within Essex County is welcome to apply for use of the Shanties. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Artists are juried and, if accepted, placed for the upcoming season.

How much does it cost?

There are four shanties that are 8’W x 6’D that are rented at $75/week
There is one larger shanty that is 12’W x 8’D that is rented at $100/week
*Please note that during Yankee Homecoming Week, the shanties have an additional $50 charge*

Any questions or comments please reach out to [email protected]