The arts are an essential part of learning at any age. They enhance creativity, teach lessons in non-traditional ways, give us new ways to express ourselves, and can help us establish lifelong passions. Our programs are rooted in the belief that talent exists at every age, in people from every background, regardless of experience. Please check back often to see if there’s a program that’s right for you or your child. You are most welcome here.

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Mainstage Revue Summer Education Program

During this week each student will be exposed to improvisation, games, and a professional rehearsal process. They will be educated in music and dance from each of The Firehouse's summer mainstage musicals (and more!) while working towards one final performance on the final day of the program.

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Glee Club

Glee Club is the Firehouse’s school vacation program of voice instruction and choreographed vocal performance. A week-long intensive for ages 7-15, students learn about the basics of good breath support, posture, vocal production, dance, and performance techniques – all while having fun singing songs they love!

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Firehouse School Show Program

Our School Show Series provides a way for students to get out of the classroom and visit this community resource for a shared experience. For some students, it’s their first time in a theater! Shows are presented by local groups, relate to a range of topics, and may include curriculum guides.

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Second Act Readers' Theater

A Firehouse Arts Education Program

The Firehouse's arts education program, Second Act Readers' Theater, is show biz without the stress!

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