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Firehouse - An Evening of Guitar Solos and Duets with
Scott Ouellette &
Darragh O'NeillGypsy pop music

Occidental Gypsy

Saturday, Sept 28

Pioneering the sound of Gypsy Pop. The mélange delivers a thrilling auditory experience to all.

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Firehouse - An Evening of Guitar Solos and Duets with
Scott Ouellette &
Darragh O'NeillSocial change folk music

Holly Near w/ John Bucchino

Sunday, Sept 29

Singer-songwriter, activist, educator & entertainer Holly Near brings her vocal talents to our stage.

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LittleCityComedyMusic and Dance


Lynne Taylor CD Release Party

Fri, Oct 4

A night including Exit Dance and Lucian Parkin celebrating the release of When Lightning Strikes.

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Chelsea Berry & Sarah Blacker

Friday October 11

Two of New England's premier singer-songwriters join for one intimate and compelling evening.

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Firehouse - An Evening of Guitar Solos and Duets with
Scott Ouellette &
Darragh O'NeillCountry Music

Nashville to Newburyport!

Sat, Oct 26

A night to remember featuring the vocals of Colene Walters and Jimmy Parker on one stage.

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Livingston TaylorSinger/songwriter

Livingston Taylor

Fri & Sat, Nov 1 & 2

A favorite of Firehouse music lovers, singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor returns for 2 nights.

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Occidental Gypsy

Saturday, September 28, 8pm

Occidental Gypsy is pioneering the sound of Gypsy Pop. Their mélange of uptempo, high-energy rhythms of Gypsy, melded with the catchy melodic hooks of Pop delivers a thrilling auditory experience to listeners.  In many ways the heart of Gypsy Pop embodies the essence and spirit of what jazz was in its infancy: developing, improvising, and arranging, with contemporary music as a foundation. The unique sound of Occidental Gypsy’s connects with an incredibly wide audience and brings all ages to their feet.

An Occidental Gypsy performance includes so much more than just music. Scottie, Jakub, Brett, Jeff, and Francisco are incredibly energetic and charming entertainers who interact with fans on a personal level, and incorporate audience participation into every show. On stage, the dialog between band members is never less than entertaining, especially between the quick-witted Scottie and Brett who playfully tease one another to no end.

Occidental Gypsy was originally formed by brothers Brett (lead guitar) and Jeff Feldman (bassist) as a straight-ahead Gypsy Jazz Quartet. Through the release of Over Here and the addition of new members, the band has taken on a far more diverse, sophisticated, and eclectic sound. The group is fronted by Berklee trained singer and rhythm guitarist Scott (“Scottie”) Kulman, and supported by two Berklee students: violinist Jakub Trasak from the Czech Republic, and percussionist Francisco Vielma from Venezuela. The circumstances that brought this ensemble together are far from ordinary. Brett and Scottie serendipitously met on a park bench. Scott’s grandmother had approached the guitar-slinging Brett at the same park bench months earlier, speaking highly of her grandson’s musical talent. Scottie introduced Francisco and Jakub to the band, and often invites guest musicians such as Erick Cifuentes from Guatemala and prodigy Yuki Nakajima to join in.

Live, the band compliments original material with expertly arranged gypsified covers. Occidental Gypsy’s unique approach to pop, jazz, and dance music stems from the influence of Gypsy Swing founders, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. The members of the group posses a deep knowledge and reverence for the Gypsy style and feel honored to bring their music to the ears of new audiences. And now, with an ever-growing list of performances, and presence online through website and social networking pages, Occidental Gypsy's fan base is constantly expanding.

The name Occidental Gypsy (Western gypsy) embodies the concept behind Gypsy Pop. The group has taken the Gypsy sound that originated in Eastern Europe and brought it Over Here to blend it seamlessly with contemporary American music. Interestingly, Gypsy Swing was created by taking American Jazz to the East and blending it with the Gypsy Folk tradition. Now almost a century later Occidental Gypsy is bringing the music back home


This event is presented by Firehouse Center for the Arts.

$19 Members

$21 Non-Members


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