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Sandy Farrier
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False Document


The Candidate's Mood

by Sandy Farrier




Pie Boys



by Sandy Farrier




Karen's Dream

by Sandy Farrier


Posters for Plays Not Yet Written
by Sandy Farrier

January 5 - February 5, 2013


There are theatre posters, and then there are theatre posters. The worst examples are utilitarian handbills, providing the who-what-when-where and perhaps an innocuous, almost always arbitrary, illustration. They’re passed by, ignored, don’t get people in the seats who wouldn’t have been sitting in them anyway. The best are pieces of art in and of themselves, delivering an arresting visual manifestation of the essence of the play while also conveying the logistical information clearly but simply and unobtrusively. Sandy’s are decidedly in the latter category, deserving of permanent display, suitable for framing. He’s helped a bit by the fact that when the plays don’t yet exist, he can’t get the essence wrong! However, a talented and intuitive actor himself, he can also get under the skin of actual plays in ways deep and provocative. His posters make you want to see THIS play, find your way to THAT theatre, get there ON TIME, and take your seat. And you may also find yourself, after surreptitiously verifying that no one’s watching, carefully removing the poster from its moorings, spiriting it home, and proudly, if guiltily, displaying it in a place of prominence.

Alan Huisman
Development Editor
Heinemann Educational Books
Portsmouth, NH

Artist's Statement - This work bridges three interests of mine: design, photography and theater. A poster concept, or, as creative types refer to it, "the way in," can come from any of those starting points, and often the final design is informed by all three. Shown here are a few of the over 50 different posters from this series. One of these days I need to write the plays to go with them.

Sandy Farrier


About the artist -Sandy Farrier was born in New Haven, CT, grew up in Westford, MA and Biddeford Pool, ME, and lived in Vermont, Manhattan and Seattle before moving to Newburyport in 2004. His design career has spanned four decades, and includes brief experiments at being a cartoonist, an architect, a filmmaker, a ski bum, and a fly fishing guide. Throughout most of his adult life, design has been both a passion and a profession, though, when pressed on the subject, Sandy will admit to still wondering what he'll be doing when he grows up. Moving "back East" in 2004 led to two life-altering developments: first, his involvement in higher education at MIT and Endicott College, and, second, his new and growing passion for theater. When not serving as the Chair of the Visual Communications Dept. in The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College, he is often busy studying acting, running lines for his next theater performance, or working on his next poster. Sandy has one child, two grandchildren, and lives in Newburyport with the lovely and talented Karen Chandler.

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Gallery Hours:
12N - 5PM (or until curtain)


The Firehouse Center for the Arts Art Gallery

The Firehouse Center for the Arts features twelve gallery shows a year. Each show is selected from submissions each Spring for the following year’s shows. Gallery exhibits have included local, national and international artists and have given our community the opportunity to view a variety of artwork including photography, paintings, monotype and sculpture.

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