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by Joanna Doyle

by Joanna Doyle

True Love,
by Joanna Doyle

"Coastlines & Canines"
paintings by Joanna Doyle

February 6, 2013 - March 3, 1013
RECEPTION POSTPONED: Sat, Feb 9, 4pm–6pm

Any dog lover around these here parts probably spends a lot of time at the beach -- it is, after all, the favorite haunt of many North Shore pups. Perhaps it is these hours logged surfside with her own golden retrievers -- in addition to summers of the artist's youth spent in Rye, NH -- that make dogs and oceans forever linked as two topics of choice for Joanna Doyle's work. See these oil, acrylic and mixed-media pieces in her current exhibition, appropriately called Coastlines and Canines, that is hanging at the Firehouse gallery.

Visit the artist's website and one is greeted by a quote from Franz Kafka: "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog."

Doyle's deep connection with man's best friend is evident in her work. Individual clients have commented that Doyle really gets the personality of their dogs and captures each dog's essence on canvas. “It’s like you painted her from the inside out,” says one patron. Whether it is the competency with which the eyes are painted, the cock of a brow, the set of the ears, or the tilt of the head; Doyle does capture the soul of our beloved four-footed companions and dog lovers will find it hard to resist the looks that melt our hearts over and over again. Rest assured though, these dogs are only available on canvas; so you can visit the gallery and know that if you take one home at least you won't have to feed it.

A graduate of Tufts University, Joanna Doyle studied art through the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Architectural Center. During her youth in Andover, Massachusetts, her family provided opportunities and support for all kinds of creative ventures and appreciation for the natural world, including the beautiful New England coastline.

Joanna belongs to the Newburyport Art Association and the New Hampshire Art Association and regularly participates in juried and open shows throughout the region. Her work can also be found in private collections across the country. Joanna lives in Southern New Hampshire with her husband James where she enjoys her dogs, experimenting with different media, photography, design, music and gardening. Her two golden retrievers, Genevieve and Jean Luc, are her best models and constant companions.

Artist's Statement:

I have always been compelled to make art. I am fascinated by the visual world in many ways, and in particular I enjoy the process of composition, making design decisions and getting it all to work together as a whole. My inspiration comes from things that are visually intriguing and evoke an emotional response. I usually find it in nature, often in the small details or a unique viewpoint. I am also motivated by the joy of applying paint to canvas or wood, as well as assembling unexpected design elements in interesting ways.

Although I approach a variety of subjects and concepts, my work is currently focused on dogs and the ocean. I am passionate about dogs and I respond to each dog’s individuality in form and personality. In a painting I try to celebrate a moment that expresses each unique spirit. I am also exploring the depth of the connection between animals and humans. The ocean has inspired me to paint throughout my life, and my recent work aims to capture a range of experiences based on the New England coast. Conceptual sculpture created with wood and found or natural objects has become another passion in recent years.

I don’t always begin a project the same way. Sometimes the idea is clear in advance and I can quickly get the idea down, and sometimes the composition is carefully planned with sketches or digital manipulation of images. Sometimes I begin with a completely random idea! I often get involved in producing series to fulfill the need to fully explore ideas, and recently began including found words and typography in some pieces. I like bold compositions, abstracted elements and balanced asymmetry, whether I am working with oils, acrylics, found objects, paper, wood or a combination of materials.

Joanna Doyle

About the Artist:

Joanna's work is currently focused on dogs, seascapes and landscapes with occasional journeys into the abstract and mixed media. Her goal is to create emotionally compelling pieces that are based on solid design as well as artistic expression. Recognized as “the artist who paints dogs”, Joanna is inspired by the joy and beauty found in all kinds of dogs and sees each one as unique and special. Clients have said that her commissioned portraits truly capture the dogs' personalities. She enjoys collaborating with clients to create a piece that will reflect their feelings, and is particularly honored to paint memorial portraits of dogs who have been loved as family members for many years. Each year Joanna donates dog portraits by commission to NHSPCA Auction for the Animals, the Shake It for Shelter Auction for Homeless Families, the Newburyport Art Association’s Artful Feast, and often donates portions of sales to other philanthropic entities.


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Gallery Hours:
12N - 5PM (or until curtain)

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